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Why do pups need socialising .


I have had a couple of people ask me that come training that friends of theirs say why bother with going to classes ,why not  train their pup at home instead.

I said that people can, but puppy classes are not just to teach sit, down, stand exercises. They are to get the pup socialised and as Instructors for us to give advise on potential problems we can see appearing instead of waiting for the pup to get a bad habit.To the point where they cannot cope and have to give the pup up.



To let the pup meet older socialised dogs every week under control and how handling from people unknown to the pup can help stop them fearing humans.



When puppies are in between 3 and 16 weeks of age, this is a sensitive time . So if your puppy has pleasant encounters with people other dogs and animals, it will have a long lasting effect on the pup. This will have lasting influences on their sociability as the pup gets older. These pups tend to be friendlier and less frightened..



A poorly socialised dog is an unpredictable animal when placed in a new, potentially frightening situation. He may bite; he may run away and be injured. He may cause injuries to others around him.

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