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What to bring to puppy class.





When attending a class you will be asked to bring.

Your pup.

A small mat.


A toy.

Brushes/ grooming equipment.

Vaccination certificate.

A training lead.


Any Questions that you would like answered concerning your pup and training.



Then once your puppy has past part 1 and part 2 Assessments you can then carry on your training in beginners.


 Many exercises require you to sit on the floor, so please wear comfortable clothes and bring something to sit on if required.

Bring Pooh bags. Your Instructor will explain what to do if your puppy goes to toilet in the hall. Please bring a supply of pooh bags (nappy sacks are suitable) and clean up after your puppy if it toilets in the area around the hall or out on a walk.


Puppies will be allowed to play in carefully controlled small groups to ensure they learn good manners around other puppies, do not get scared, and do not learn to play roughly or aggressively. Puppies will be matched for size, age, and experience, and play will be carefully supervised to ensure that all puppies learn to be confident with others.



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