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Why is it Important.

This is introducing and familiarising a dog to new experiences - including people, places, objects, other animals - in ways that help the dog learn how to respond to, and interact with, these experiences appropriately and without fear.



When puppies are in between 3 and 12 weeks of age, this is a sensitive time . So if your puppy has pleasant encounters with people other dogs and animals, it will have a long lasting effect on the pup. This will have lasting influences on their sociability as the pup gets older. These pups tend to be friendlier and less frightened.


Companionship is vital to a dog's emotional well-being. Integrate the pup/dog into your family from the start. Place your pup's crate or play pen in a room in which your family spends considerable time each day.


A well socialised dog can be taken everywhere with in reason. Dogs that have not been socialised are hazards in more ways than just knocking somebody down through over-exuberance. A poorly socialised dog is an unpredictable animal when placed in a new, potentially frightening situation. He may bite; he may run away and be injured. He may cause injuries to others around him.

Our aim is to socialise your dog so you can be able to take your dog any place, any situation, and have him stay calm, relaxed and confident.


But obviously we have to have commitment from the owner to keep training up. And not just in classes but at home at all times. Dogs are with you 24/7 so training is an on going commitment.


So that’s why it is vitally important.



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