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                        Socialisation Walks.

         To attend these walks you must first register

                   and attend training classes.

Walks are organised to take place at local parks, etc. There is no cost, there are no lessons provided although Instructor may offer advice where appropriate. This is an opportunity to walk with other dog lovers, dog enthusiasts, pet professionals etc. Participants may work on training and have some fun. Safety first Always!


Your dog should be wearing appropriate training gear. This is an on-leash walk, no off-leash exercises permitted. Appropriate gear includes Flat Collar, Gentle Leader, and Sensible Harness or a muzzle.


Come prepared with poop bags to clean up after your dog.

Children are welcome on the walks and are the responsibility of the parent or guardian. Safety first! Children 12 years of age and older are welcome to walk their own dog, as long as there are no safety concerns. Strong dogs that are still learning leash manners should be handled by an adult.

Be considerate of other dog/handlers, not all dogs like to be approached; please always ask before approaching and attempting a greeting. If your dog does not like to be approached, please ask the approacher to stay at a suitable distance. Everyone who participates in the walk will understand and accommodate your dog’s needs.


When oncoming dogs and handlers approach our pack, please pull over to the side and give plenty of space to the oncoming team. So many dogs in a pack can be overwhelming to some dogs and persons and we want to be polite; we want to set ourselves and others up for success! We also want to set a good example for others.

If your dog is reactive or offers aggressive behaviors toward other dogs and/or people, Then these dogs need to be muzzled.


 If you work a reactive dog during the group walk, it is absolutely your responsibility to insure the safety of your dog and others. Your dog will be kept at a safe distance so that if he does make a bad decision, no contact is made with another dog or person. Dogs and handlers who cause an unsafe or stressful experience for their dog or the general group will be asked to continue their training work in a different environment. At no time will the general public be put at risk.

Bedworth Dog Training School B.D.T.S.  Reserves the right to ask any participant to refrain from participating in the group walk for rules infractions or for any reason.

Bedworth Dog Training School B.D.T.S. assumes no liability or responsibility for the safety and welfare of dogs and people participating in walks. Each participant agrees to take complete responsibility for the action of their own dog, self and family members, before, after and during walks. At no time will Bedworth Dog Training School B.D.T.S. or Diane Dickens be liable or responsible for the actions of each participant or any of the dogs. All participants will be considerate of any and all properties used and of other participants and their dogs.



Our goal for you, your dog, other dogs and their families is safety and an appropriate training environment for stress-free learning for all dogs.


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