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Canine Psychologist.

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Rules of the School.

1. Could you please ensure that you arrive on time for classes?

2. It is difficult for some owners and dogs to concentrate when some one arrives late. Especially the less experienced owners and dogs.

3. If you have any problems please let us know.

4. Please make sure that you always clean up after your dog, either by taking it home or by putting it in the bins that are provided at each venue. These are outside. If the area needs more cleaning please notify an Instructor. This can then be properly cleaned and if outside swilled down  at any of the training venues.

Can you please make sure that puppies and dogs are exercised or walked before training to help them empty bowels and bladder.

5.Can you make sure that you wear suitable clothing especially footwear in all weathers.

6. If your dog is feeling unwell then please do not bring him to class, or if the dog is in season.

7. Please ensure that on arrival your name has been added to the attendance sheet before training.

8.If you arrive late please notify an Instructor before entering a class.

9. Please notify the School if you have any disabilities or the dog. This will enable us to give you

the best training possible.

10. Dogs will be assessed prior to training to see if they are suitable for classes, or need one to one


11. Children must be supervised and kept under control at all times.

12. Wheel chair access.

13.Please leave quietly.


                                                               Equipment .



1. On attending the class with your dog can you please make sure that the dog is wearing an

identification tag.

2. A collar that he cannot get out of .

3. A Halti, Gentle Leader etc. can be used.

4. Clickers if you use them.

5. If a puppy bring a vaccination certificate.

6. Plenty of treats and a favourite toy.

7.Poo bags and a small mat.

8.You will need a standard training lead during the classes.



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