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Rescue Dogs.

When people are considering taking on a rescue dog they have to be realistic in what can be achieved.

Some of these dogs come with a lot of baggage and many fear based problems are due to the previous owners not socialising them when they were pups. This probably accounts for 60% of dogs in centre's

Many owners are not aware that from 13 weeks of age it is such a critical time in the pups life.

So many behavioural problems are because of this lack of socialising, and hence the reason why so many end up in rescue centre's.

These problems can be fear of people, dogs, or both ,they can have issues around cars, certain noises, horses, children and so much more.

You have to consider is your life style going to fit in with the dog or pup you are thinking of getting. You must also consider the reason for wanting a dog or pup. Because hopefully they are going to be with you for at least 10 to 12 years.

But how many people think of this and find out things are not working out as they planned.

Owners must also think do they have the time to train a puppy or retrain an older dog that may have a few issues.

There are a few dogs out there in rescue centre's that do not have any issues. Probably around 40% of dogs end up in centre's because the owners died, divorce, redundant, lose their houses and sometimes just with pressures of life.

I have been fortunate to have some of these having rescued dog's and puppy's for a long time .I presently own 5 at the moment.

But i have also taken on dogs from 6 months of age that pull, food aggressive, dog aggressive, resource guarding, were not house trained and chewed. Some of them even showed all of the above.

One of these dogs a GSD 6 months old was aggressive towards dogs and it took me 2 years to fully socialise her. To the point that after that i used her in my puppy classes as my helper. So ask yourself have you the time to take on a young dog with issues such as the GSD?

If not and you are an out going family then this type of dog could be a nightmare if you were contemplating nice long walks, parks, beaches etc where there will be a lot of other dogs around. So perhaps a dog such as this is not practical in this type of family


Also for example a shy dog that is afraid of strangers taken into a busy, noisy, lively household where it would be the centre of attention may not be a wise choice.

These dogs can be brought out of there shell with gentle under standing, but is unlikely to ever be the life and soul of the party.

In this case perhaps a more quieter and calmer home would be advisable.

When visiting rescue centre's they can evoke a variety of emotions and it can be difficult to resist all those dogs and puppy's.

But you have to find the right dog or puppy that will fit in with your lifestyle and the family. By doing that you can ensure a well and long and happy life together.

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