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Puppy Training.


All Puppy Training is done Indoors.



Puppy Class Part 1

Puppy Class Part 2 / Graduate.


Puppy Training should be started as soon as the pup arrives in your home,

but classes generally start about 1-2 weeks after there second vaccination.When the pup reaches about 24 weeks ( 6 months )  they will go into the Puppy Class Part 2 (Graduate.)

All these classes generally involve :-

Socialising with people and other dogs,

Habituation - learning the pup to ignore stimuli that has no consequence.

Discussing about Bite inhibition.

Training good manners for control - very important especially if a larger breed.

Preventing problems before they appear.

Educating owners on the importance of all the above and much more.

Pups must be exposed to as many things as possible to help build confidence in the pup.

They need to be handled regularly to reduce stress.

As mentioned , combining all the above ensures we are on the way to having a confident pup and,

as he grows, a confident dog.

Most fear related issues in dogs as they get older is usually down to lack of socialising as a pup.

The first few months of a pup's life are so important for building confidence.

The basics of dog training will be taught:-

Getting pup's attention

The 3 positions of sit, down, stand ,


Walking nicely on a lead.

The 'leave' command,

Food bowl manners.

And how to stop your dog jumping up.

Handling exercises.

Stop play biting.

How to meet people.

Playing with other puppy's



We also advice on the importance of wearing a identification tag that is visible.

Even when your pup/dog has been microchipped or tattooed,

it still needs to wear a collar and tag in a public place.


We have a lot to cover in each class, so you will only get a short time to practice each of the exercises. So it is necessary to practice all exercises every day at home in short sessions in order to train your puppy well.



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