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       Canine Psychology.



What does this mean?


The word psychology comes from two Greek words: psyche meaning mind, soul or spirit, and logos meaning study.So psychology means study of the mind.

As a Professional Canine Psychologist, i am asked to solve all kinds of issues.

There are generally 4 options open to the owner of a dog showing problems.


1) Put up with the behaviour.

2) Re- home the dog.

3) Destroy the dog.

4) Modify the behaviour.



For me, as a Professional Canine Psychologist i am concerned with the last option - to modify the behaviour.

However, depending on the age of the dog and how ingrained the bad the behaviour is will depend on the length of time to solve the problem.

Each dog is an individual and a time limit cannot be put on it.


So, first of all do you have a problem with your dog? There is no definite answer to this because what would be a problem to one owner may not be a problem to another owner. Some owners will be pulling there hair out while other owners are willing to live with it.

After asking several questions, we may find that a dog has simply developed bad habits along the way and not corrected or trained. However, some may have a problem because of their inherited temperament and early environment.


The interests and activities of psychologists cover a wide range - experimental, physiological, animal, developmental and many more drawing on different approaches and using a variety of methods. As Professional Canine Psychologists, we use theories and research from many of them.

The field of Ethology, which is the study of instinctive behaviour in animals in the natural environment has proven relevant. Ethologists study the behaviour as instinctive as opposed to learnt.

The domestic dog has many aspects of instinctive behaviour in its repertoire and, when dealing with behaviour that is instinctive, it is important to remember its genesis (genes) when trying to modify it.




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